four building games, building games in the market

Top Four Building Games in the Market

With iPhones and iPads dominating the lives of every individual nowadays, gaming has taken leaps from video games to Apple and Android applications customized for each age group. Especially for children, gaming on PCs and iPads has become an addictive sport. Here are top four building games, which is not only fun to play but can also pump your imaginations…

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sheets for ux/ui design

Top Ten Cheat Sheets for UX/UI Design

It’s not easy for everyone to remember every single detail and do things without any help – even if it’s the UX/UI professionals. Irrespective of your level of expertise, you might end up looking for information about the basics that you might sometimes tend to forget. Searching for such things might seem to be a waste of time, which is…

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Hidden Features of Smartphones

4 Cool Hidden Features of Smartphones

The present world is the world of smartphones. Android phones are one of the most popular choices out there. Even though a lot of people have a smartphone, a lot many of them do not know certain hidden features in their phones that can be used. Here are 4 cool hidden features of smartphones. Reboot Option (Force): There may be…

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4 Simple Ways to Automate Tasks on iOS

Workflow is one of the most productive apps that you can ever see in iPhone. With very small automations, it reduces multi-step methods with a single click and makes some processes very simple and easy, which was not possible with iPhone. Extracting zip files and downloading files are now easy in iPhone. Now let us have a glance at some…

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5 Must Have Android Apps for Parents

Parents are always concerned about their children’s welfare. Besides being busy with their routines, they do want to spend some quality time for their kids with whatever options are available. One among them is the widely used Android smartphones. Android offers exciting collection of applications and each one is aimed towards achieving a specific set of tasks. It can be…

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Top Apple Smartphones Gallery

This exclusive Apple smartphones gallery is dedicated to Apple fans.Apple, being one of the leaders in the smartphone segment, has magnetized tremendous user base from across the globe. As a result of the outgrowing customer queries and excitement, we planned to create a gallery hub for Apple smartphones that can give enthusiasts a chance to catch a glimpse of the…

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