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Top Ten Cheat Sheets for UX/UI Design

It’s not easy for everyone to remember every single detail and do things without any help – even if it’s the UX/UI professionals. Irrespective of your level of expertise, you might end up looking for information about the basics that you might sometimes tend to forget. Searching for such things might seem to be a waste of time, which is…

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Multinational Crackdown on PC Con Artists

Customer scams often cites that frauds are too good to be true; however, recent news claimed by regulators actually make them believable!It is said that PC makers, including Microsoft know what’s on your computer. On Wednesday, Fed Trade Commission claimed a multinational crackdown in which a caller makes customer believe that Microsoft or any other computer making brands has found…

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Few Facts about Data Threats in E-Commerce

With the flourishing e-commerce economy across the globe, the surge of data requirement has become a necessity for businesses.The fact is that data is nothing but the information about the target customers. Today, people visit social media sites, shop on portals and leave their data or details. These details are highly productive for businesses because it helps them to collate the information about the…

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Five Gadgets You Must Own for a Modern Home

Whether you are planning to upgrade your old home or buy a new one to suit the requirements on today’s contemporary technology-oriented world, you need to own some of the cutting edge, present day technology devices to make your home future-ready. Listed below are the top five gadgets that you must own to give a modern outlook to your home,…

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Cable Vs DSL: Which Is the Better Choice?

If you are planning to upgrade your current internet connection or just change providers, you are likely to be hooked between cable internet and DSL (Digital Subscriber Line). Which is the better choice out of these two? If you don’t how they differ from each other, making a choice is certainly going to be difficult. Here’s a brief comparison between…

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DNA Computing in Security Highlights

DNA computing is an innovative approach to extremely match the computation based on the pioneering work by Leonard M Adleman; he has laid the foundation for bio-molecular computing.This is also known as Molecular Computing. With the not-so-good results of the modern encryption algorithms, there is a need for a new concept for protect the data transmission. DNA computing in the…

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