Five Most-Anticipated Android Games 2015


Nitrome, the gaming developer that developed the award-winning Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage is all set to release another game called Gunbrick. This action-filled puzzle game is set in a place where everyone operates huge gunbricks (a big block with a shield on one end and gun on the other) instead of cars. In a recent post where the developer revealed about the game, it was hinted that the game has humorous cutscenes and cunning puzzles. This game is headed to release on Android and iOS devices, though the release date is not yet revealed.



Chroma Squad

Behold Studios’ Knights of the Pen and Paper, the developer’s first game, was a decent pen and paper simulation game in addition to being a great fantasy RPG. It was complete with unnecessary pizza boxes and a dungeon master. The same kind of dual personality can be seen in Chroma Squad as well. On one side, players need to handle a studio, which publicizes sentai television shows in the style of Power Rangers. This includes employing talent, preparing the actors with props and finishing the daily work of operating a film set. However, to generate revenue, you have to record a show episode, which changes the game-play into a turn-oriented tactical experience with your sentai warriors’ team.

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Stay tuned to enjoy the playing experience of these Android games shortly and there’s much more to come to this platform.