Instagram for Business- Here’s What You Must Stay Away From

Every person has his own ideas on how to begin with Instagram nowadays. There are various seminars and posts available on the internet put up by self-proclaimed gurus who claim to hold a magic formula for Instagram success.

Instagram is a different beast and should be managed very differently when compared to the other platforms. Maybe you have created a profile on Instagram for your business and you must be clicking pictures, adding filters and also using hashtags like some pro, but there are quite a few things that need to be very clear and here we have a list of 5 horrendous mistakes that every person must avoid when using Instagram for their business.

Stealing Content


One of the most beautiful things about social media is the opportunity to be creative and express your unique viewpoint to the masses. But, you cannot do that if you are stealing images and content from other people and passing them to your followers as yours. Now, that doesn’t imply that you cannot repost images from other people. You definitely can, but by giving them the credits and this can be done even just by including their username.

Boring and Mainstream Bio

Coming to Instagram, you are allowed to use just 150 characters for your profile bio, so it is important to choose your words very wisely. A good bio is so much more than just the name and your business’s URL. The bio is an opportunity to tell all your followers who you really are, what exactly you do and where your passion lies.

Failing to Caption the Images


It is believed that a picture is worth thousand words and this is certainly true to a great extent. Instagram is all about posting images with a compelling caption beneath them and it is highly important for a successful marketing strategy especially if the posting is about a brand or a business.

Following Too Many People


Instagram is a cool platform, but what is not cool is to follow a lot of people at once. Following people who are interested in your business or products is a good thing, but not too many. It is important to maintain a good ratio between the people you follow and your followers. Also, instead of following a lot of people, try to work on your post engagement as that helps in post outreach and for this you can also buy Instagram comments. There are various online sites that can help you with this process.

These are some of the most common and rookie mistakes that every person must avoid who is making use of this platform for their business, products or organization. By avoiding these mistakes, you can compile a much better and effective social media marketing strategy for your business.

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