The Most-Awaited Android Games for 2015

The world of gaming has stepped into a completely new level in last few years with the launch of some really great online, tablet and smartphone games.In the recent past, people have started loving playing games on their mobile phones and find it to be a great way to relax themselves in the midst of their busy schedules. For those Android smartphone and tablet owners, here are the most-awaited games for 2015.


Here’s a 3D monster-collecting RPG that hopes to fill in the Pokemon-shaped space on iOS and Android, which could not be achieved by Nintendo. The key features that have been creating a hype for this game are a big 3D world, real-time planned fights, real-time online gaming with friends and complete creature and character customization. Blended with all that’s needed for a highly interesting fantasy game, Moonrise is sure to get the gamers hooked on to it, taking the form of an adventurer travelling through a magical world to become a Master Warden.


Twilight Struggle

This is a cold war card battler game, which had earned lots of positive reviews as one of the topmost board games. There are many bits, pieces and cards and often the player’s dog eats them up or they cannot play more or they lose them. Twilight Struggle’s digital edition is all set to come packed with lots of punch. This historical strategy game-play is scheduled for a release in Feb 2015 on Android, iOS and Windows tablets.



The award-winning gaming developer for the game Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage, Nitrome has planned for its next innings with another exciting game known as Gunbrick. This is an action-packed puzzle game set to happen in a locality where all of them work on big gunbricks (in place of cars), which refer to vast blocks with a gun on one side of the block and a shield on the second end. In a recent report, the developer had revealed few aspects of the game, while also hinting that it has sly puzzles and amusing cut scenes. Gunbrick is slated for a release on iOS and Android gadgets, but the date of release has not yet been revealed.


The Talos Principle

Looking at the excellent reviews gathered by the PC version of The Talos Principle, the developer has now planned to release the same on Android devices as well, which is why the anticipations for the game are soaring high. You may not have expected this type of game from the Serious Sam developer, Croteam. Without any green blood buckets, machine guns or aliens, The Talos Principle is only a relaxing puzzle game like The Room or Portal.


Chroma Squad

Chroma Squad from Behold Studios has expectations running high among the Android gaming lovers. This dual personality game requires players to take care of a studio that shows sentai television shows in Power Rangers’ style, including taking care of all the work from hiring talented workers to completing the daily chores of running a film set.

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Look forward to have a great experience playing the highly-hyped Android games in 2015, while there’s much more you can expect to see in the year!

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