Top 5 Android Apps for College Students

Google Drive

Google Drive helps to create spreadsheets, presentations and documents if you have to and you can upload them from your PC so that they can be easily accessed on mobile later. This is a great, quick and effective app for creating study plans with friends. This app along with Evernote covers almost all of a student’s note taking and collaboration requirements. Group projects, being a part of a college student’s life, Google Drive make project collaboration a breeze.
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filesNavigation and Google Maps

College life for most of the students generally comes with plenty of travelling. If you happen to be a in a new city and do not wish to get lost, the best app to install would be Google Maps. This navigation assistant can help you make sure that the cab or auto-rickshaw you hire doesn’t take the longer route. It’s also of great help if you want to find the nearest bus stop or metro station.