four building games, building games in the market

Top Four Building Games in the Market

With iPhones and iPads dominating the lives of every individual nowadays, gaming has taken leaps from video games to Apple and Android applications customized for each age group. Especially for children, gaming on PCs and iPads has become an addictive sport. Here are top four building games, which is not only fun to play but can also pump your imaginations up creating games out of building blocks.

  •  BlockLand

four building games, building games in the market

One of the top online multiplayer games, it features Lego style building blocks and runs on the Torque Game Engine. It was developed in 2007 and in 7 years it has gathered more than tens of thousands in its community. The basic gameplay includes creation of anything, literally anything be it small or big. The physics engines available in the game is one of the best in the world and players can design objectives and levels and create them using their own imagination and specific set of tools provided. It’s pretty cheap as it costs $20 (one-off payment) making it a great alternative to other games like Roblox (no more subscriptions fees). After purchasing, the game players can play both single player and multiplayer (internet or LAN).

  • Roblox

four building games, building games in the market

This game is one of the best physics based MMO that helps players create levels in a sandbox environment and then share it with others. It was developed in 2005 and is still popular with most teenagers. The brilliance of Roblox is its endless possibilities, dimensions, and options to create various gameplay. The initial tools provided are to design your world out of blocks. Then the players can make the blocks have certain functions and perform actions, which help them in making racing, RPG, and other dynamic games. One of the most exciting features of Roblox is that it lets you create worlds and then share them with your friends and other gamers in the community. This helps you to get a feedback on your design and also allows you to socialize with other users and participate in exciting activities in the virtual community.

  • Cubelands

four building games, building games in the market

This is another game, which if you play, you can notice striking resemblance with Roblox. The core element of this game is cubes. This game allows you to make your world by arranging cubes (of different shapes and sizes) and modifying them into huge structures. Some players have made structures that include mere building to spaceships. The environment is very friendly. Also, if you want you can customize your environment accordingly. Also, there is a multiplayer option available, which allows you to ask your friends to join in and create your fairytale land or your Starship.

#4 Minecraft

four building games, building games in the market

Last but not the least exciting of all is Minecraft. This game allows you to design your own creations using 3D block. Also you are pitted against the environment, so the health of the character varies depending on the survival skills it has. Another beautiful benefit of Minecraft is it gives you access to a lot of colorful blocks and cubes, which you can modify to armor for your character. When faced with the other creatures in the game, these come in handy. The number of modes is restricted to three: Adventure, Creative, and Survival. Each mode is exciting and memorable. Designed to be played in both Xbox and PC, it allows the multiplayer option so that one can play with friends.

These four games vie neck to neck to be on top of their niche. However, any one of these games would be a great option to consider.

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