Upcoming Technology Trends for 2015

  • With drones finding their utility in more than military and news industries and moving on to something like revolutionising logistics, we await some more new discovery that might just revolutionise the way people do business. Military applications have always been extremely useful as well as successful in civil areas. We don’t need to emphasise how internet started and where we stand with it as on today!2016-01-04-1451939612-8846610-drone
  • Nike with its trainers that are self-lacing has not been able to deliver the big hit that it was supposed to, but its MAG shoes is something that the company claims has been innovating and is hoping to release sometime in the year 2015! We hope that the company gets the big hit that it aims for!Nike-Mag-shoes-1
  • As mobile computing and cloud computing get closer and closer, centrally synchronized apps that can be sent to any gadget will continue to develop. Applications that can use storage and intelligence in an effective way will experience reduced costs of bandwidth. So, you can expect to soon use apps simultaneously on several devices.bing-apps-sync

These technology trends are expected to reshape the way in which the world functions with their significant impact. All these technologies have great potential to expand in the coming few years, though there are tons more that would be worth watching. There are several more that are still inching ahead with the promise of bigger challenges this year and beyond.